How to Survive After the COVID-19 Lockdown

Posted: 02/05/2020 @ 06:38 pm
HOW TO SURVIVE AFTER THE COVID-19 LOCK-DOWNIn this article I will be presenting six principles that can be of help in surviving the next stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, that is the period after the lock-down when people have to start hustling for daily living. 1. Avoid living in fearFear is defined as false expectation appearing real. Fear paralyses the thought process and actions. A fearful person actually dies many times before the death. Instead of living in fear, think ahead, think possibilities as there are many possibilities as there are

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Compendium of LINS Thought of the Week 2019 to date

Posted: 29/05/2020 @ 02:15 pm
Compendium of LINS Thoughts of the Week 2019 to date

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Personal Leadership and Effectiveness in the Work Place

Posted: 29/05/2020 @ 02:21 pm
Principles of personal leadership and Effectiveness in the Work place showing poor and good examples of Personal Leadership. Poor personal Leadership results to burnout, absenteeism, low productivity etc

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Time Management - How to maximize the use of Time

Posted: 03/06/2020 @ 07:46 pm
Time is a fleeting asset so that when it is used up cannot be recovered. Everyone has equal amount of time each day but what makes the difference is how each person uses the time to achieve what is desired.Unfortunately many persons just live by the time not knowing what to do with it. This article is prepared to help you make good use of your time and create time for what is important and above all reduce situations that causes crises. This Part 1 is also on video watch the our You Tube channel, Instagram, LInkedin etc with LIns Training.

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