How to Survive After the COVID-19 Lockdown

Posted: 02/05/2020 @ 06:38 pm

In this article I will be presenting six principles that can be of help in surviving the next stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, that is the period after the lock-down when people have to start hustling for daily living.

1. Avoid living in fear
Fear is defined as false expectation appearing real. Fear paralyses the thought process and actions. A fearful person actually dies many times before the death. Instead of living in fear, think ahead, think possibilities as there are many possibilities as there are opportunities. So clearly identify a pathway to your success and remain focused on it. The future belongs to those who think ahead not those who live in fear.
2. Maintain a positive outlook / disposition
A positive disposition is a good medicine. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, expectations, hope, pictures of your successful state etc. Your mind is a powerhouse and works best with pictures, so create the pictures of your future dream, admire and appreciate them all the time. This will stir in your positive view about your future and that agrees with the contrary of the principle out of sight is out of mind
3. Innovate your skills
Technology is changing every skill, know-how and this include your field or profession, so the question is are you updated? For example, a mechanic of nuts and bolt, spanner and jack who is not updated with the technology of its specialty such as Toyota, Benz or BMW etc will soon be out of job as the technology is moving towards IT and electronics of modern automobile.
4. Keep Selling your skills
No one knows you exist with your skills unless you showcase them, show your skills not your face. Out of 1000 people, at least 10 persons (that is 0.1%) will see and identify with you. That is a good beginning.
5. Avoid frivolous expenses
You do not need to be an accountant to know how to spend money. At times of scarcity like these, only buy what is essential not what you need talk less of wants. Spend within your means rather than borrowing as borrowing will create more anxieties for you and you know the effect of prolonged anxiety, high blood pressure. You can avoid that.
6. Improve your sense of hygiene
In this COVID-19 era, increase your hygiene consciousness. Stop the old habits of eating anyhow, anywhere and talking anyhow etc. cover your mouth and nose properly, wash your hands constantly in addition to social distancing. Covid-19 is real, don’t doubt it but manage it.

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